Dynamics and control of tether-Assisted rendezvous in LEO

Aslanov V.S.
Pikalov R.S.
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Издательство, журнал, сборник.: 
Advances in the Astronautical Sciences, vol. 161.
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This study focuses on the dynamics of a rendezvous of a tug and a large space debris connected by a viscoelastic tether. It is assumed that the constant thrust acts on the space tug and a control is realized by changing the length of the tether. The goal is to find the control law that provides a soft docking of two bodies on an orbit. Three-body system with an additional damping device is also considered. This damping device allows to eliminate oscillations during the final docking phase. Analysis of the consistency of the proposed law with the requirements of safe rendezvous of the bodies is carried out. The obtained results can be applied as applications for the tasks of implement rendezvous of two bodies using the tether.