Detumbling Space Debris Using Modified Yo-Yo Mechanism

Yudintsev V.V.
Aslanov V.S.
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Издательство, журнал, сборник.: 
Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, Vol. 40, No. 3
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The main contribution of this note is the scheme for de-spinning space debris using a modified yo-yo mechanism installed on the ADM module. The scheme can be used for space debris that rotates around the axis of symmetry with high angular velocity. The modified yo-yo mechanism does not contribute to the space debris problem. Each mass of the mechanism consists of two separable dome-shaped shells filled with liquid. Instead of releasing the masses after de-spin, the liquid is released from the shell, for example, by separation of the mass in to parts. Wire guides for the reel are proposed, which follow the motion of the wires and prevent coming off the wires from the reel due to the attitude motion of the debris. A mathematical model of the spatial motion of the yo-yo mechanism is developed. The model is used to demonstrate the possibility of using the proposed scheme to de-spin space debris. The proposed scheme can be used to de-spin debris objects without using thruster engines. The rotation of the debris around the transverse axes also can be eliminated without using thrusters taking advantage of the tether connecting the tug with the ADM module. In this case, the design of the ADM module can be simplified.